In our shop, you will find various accessories for a harp: 

• Tuners 

• Tuning keys and tuning key holders

• Sheet music and CDs

• Strings

• Stands and benches

• Pickups and amplifiers

• Harp bags etc.


Do you have a broken string?
No problem - we can get you any string quickly.

Strings for lever harps / irish harps / celtic harps

Strings for pedal harps / concert harps

Strings for single action pedal harps

When ordering strings, please tell us the harp model as well as the string material, the string number, and the string tone. 

You can place your order in this format: 

Model Cadiz / gut stringing / number 20 / coated c

When reordering replacement strings, it is very helpful for us to have as much information as possible. So that we can locate the right string.

Unfortunately, my experiences of the past years have shown me that mistakes can quickly happen, if a string is miscounted then the wrong string will be ordered.

In addition to the metal-wound bass strings, our harp models are normally fitted with carbon strings or gut strings.

When determining the string number, please identify by color. The reason is that not all number 1 strings are the shortest string at the top. This is why it is also helpful to know the model of the harp.

To order strings, please contact us by e-mail.

For reordering individual strings for my harps please use this string chart.

To order individual strings for pedal harps, please use this string chart.

Harp bags

• with wheel system for larger harps             • with backpack system for small harps

Bag for harp model "Hamburg"

Bag in 3 sizes, adapted to the different possible leg lengths.

Price: € 390,-

Optional: wheel system € 95,-

Bag for harp models "Delphin" and "Troubadour 34s"

Price: € 390,-

Optional: wheel system € 95,-

Bag for harp model "Cadiz"

Price: € 390,-

Optional: wheel system € 95,-

Bag for harp models "Jonas" and "Troubadour 26s"

Backpack system, carrying handle on long side in front

Price: € 340,-