Harp building workshop


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Carving tools


I can offer you a full service for your harp in my harp workshop. My services include individual consultation and range from regulation to repair and from restoration to maintenance.

Whether it is single- action pedal harp, double- action pedal harp, Tyrolean harp, or irish harp- all harp types and manufacturers are welcome in my workshop. 

Wood selection

My carefully selected woods have been seasoned for many years. They often have a particularly vivid and decorative grain. I often choose to use maple, cherry, walnut, elm, and ash to build my harps. Although, in my workshop, you can choose the type of wood you would like your instrument to be built with. The harps shown in my gallery are just some examples of designs that can be transferred to any other model.

Construction methods

I have different options for constructing harps.

  • Box construction: A simple construction method in solid design
  • Layered construction: Several thin layers of wood are glued into a half- round form. A light and stable construction method which is also used in modern concert harp building.


For the finish, I seal the wooden surfaces with high- quality oils, waxes, shellac polishes, or modern synthetic resin varnishes.


The string spacing and the string tension are on par with the usual standard. Therefore, an easy change from hook harp to pedal harp is possible at any time as well as adjusting string tensions. 
- Upon request, other string tensions can be considered.
- For string material, we use gut, carbon, or silkgut.